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NESTA is ready to help you become a certified personal trainer and start your fitness career in Trentino-Alto Adige

With NESTA, you will learn to be a successful fitness pro by earning your Trentino-Alto Adige Personal Fitness Trainer Certification from an NCCA-accredited certification course. You will learn functional anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing and assessments, fitness and sports nutrition, exercise prescription and theory, equipment selection, special populations considerations, and the legal and safety issues that all professionals need to know.

NESTA has been training and certifying Trentino-Alto Adige health, fitness and sports performance professionals since 1992. NESTA helps you become confident with the ability to use cutting-edge, dynamic and creative personal training techniques. The NESTA personal training certification course offered in Trentino-Alto Adige  prepares you to provide personal fitness programs for a wide range of individuals. The course is designed to give you the theoretical and practical experience needed for a highly successful career within the fitness industry; working one-on-one or in small group training sessions.

Trentino-Alto Adige NESTA Fitness Association.

NESTA is a fitness coaching and professional certification institute. They offer an incredibly wide range of fitness trainings for primary, advanced and specialized educational purposes. Established in 1992, it has grown to a 55,000 strong membership with about 6000 of those being non-US members.

The impact of NESTA is felt in over 50 countries globally with the highest concentration of members living Canada and UK in the West as well as Singapore, Australia, Japan and China in the East and Far East. Besides the Personal Fitness Trainer certification NESTA also has 3 other divisions, that is, the International Triathlon Coaching Association, the Mixed Martial Arts Coaching Certification and the Life Coaching and Wellness Division

Trentino-Alto Adige Fitness School

The premier NESTA course is the NCCA-accredited and competitively priced, 4-year Personal Trainer Certification which can be undertaken in 90 days. This 14 topics training curriculum cuts across three main fields, that is fitness training as well as top notch business and marketing strategies that are structured around the latest and most apt scientific studies and research available.
The team at NESTA is led by CEO and President Dr. John Spencer Ellis who is deputized by a 15-years fitness veteran Scott Gaines as his senior vice president. John has competed in over 100 sports competitions including the famed Montebello Cycling Classic, the Roadrunner Inline Skating Competition, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships, the Ironman Triathlon and the U.S National Run/Bike Championships where he finished 5th overall.

NESTAs nutritionist is Dr. Chris Mohr while the educational coordinator is Mark Teahan formerly a fitness trainer at the University of Utah. Norma Shechtman, who is the 2003 Fitness of The Year Award Winner serves as the Group Exercise Coordinator.  He is assisted by Janet Olsen as the Certified Athletic Trainer and Jack H. Baurle as the Sports Medicine Officer. Phil Black is the water Fitness Specialist while Kelly Peviani is the resident Yoga Instructor.

NESTA hosts about 10 workshops annually on fitness, wellness, business and marketing advisory, and nutrition coaching. A lot of the lessons offered can also be done online through the videos and PDF curriculums on our site.

In a bid to build and support our 55,000+ members we as NESTA offer about 18 different career resources that cater to marketing strategies, mentoring, coaching, promotions, personal training and nutritional business?

There is also a slot for creating blogs and websites, SEO for Fitness business, podcast, magazines, blueprints, insurance, dietary training etc. NESTA offers 21 different training certification as well as 14 others in their sister school, the Spencer Institute.

Country is Italy (IT):

Region is: Trentino-Alto Adige

Cities are:  Al Gallo Al Maso Albaredo Albiano Aldeno Algund Andalo Anterselva Appiano Arche Arco Astfeld Auna Di Sotto Avelengo Badia Baselga Di PinF Bedollo Bertoldi Berzo Demo Besenello Bocenago Bolzano Bono Bormio Bosentino Bozen Branzoll Brenner Brennero Bressanone Brie Brixen Bronzolo Bruneck Brunico Caderzone Cadine Cais Calavino Caldaro Caldes Caldonazzo Calliano Campo Di Trens Campo Lomaso Campo Tures Campodenno Capo Di Ponte Carbonara Carbonare Carbonin Cardano Cares Carisolo Casetti Cassana Castelbello Castelfondo Castelrotto Cavareno Cedegolo Cembra Ceola CeresF Cermes Ceto Cevo Chienes Chifa Civezzano Cles Cognola Collalbo Comano Contrada Coredo Cortaccia Corzes Cultura Deggiano Denno Dermulo Dimaro Dobbiaco Dossalto Dr= Edolo Egna Faida Falzes Feldthurns FiavF FiF Fleres Floronzo Folgaria Fondo Fondo In Val Di Non Fontana Foppa Forst Fortezza Frangart Frangarto Franzensfeste Frena Gais Garda Gargazon Gargazzone Girlan Gola Grosio Grosotto I Laghetti Innichen Jenesien Kaltern Kastelruth Kiens Klausen Kurtatsch La Via Laas Laces Lagarina Laghetti Lagundo Laion Laives Lajen Lana Larcher Lasa Lasino Lastebasse Latsch Laurein Lavis Leifers Leno Levico Levico Terme Livigno Livo Lnsen Longega Lovero Lunz Luson Lutago Luttach Madonna Della Pace Madonna Di Campiglio MagrF MalF Malga Del Palazzo Malonno Marco Marebbe Marlengo Marling Maso Corto Masobello Masseria Massimeno Mattarello Mauls Mazia Mazzo Meltina Mendola Merano Mezzaselva Mezzocorona Mezzolombardo Missiano Mnhlbach Mocenigo Moline Molini Di Tures Molveno Monclassico Monguelfo Monno Montagna Monticolo Montramito Moos Mori Morter Mot Nago Nago Torbole Nalles Naturno Naturns Naz-sciaves Nembia Niederdorf Nomi Nova Levante Nova Ponente Novacella Novaledo Ora Oris Padergnone Pal Parcines Pedraces Perca Pergine Valsugana Perli Perrini Pfunders Pinzolo Pizzago Plata Plaus Ponte All'isarco Ponte Gardena Postal Prateria Pratomagno Preore Prevalle Racines Ras Rasa Rev= Rino Rio Di Pusteria Risa Rodeneck Rodengo Roia Romagnano Romeno Ronzone Rovere Della Luna Rovereto Sacco Salorno San Candido San Genesio Atesino San Leonardo San Leonardo In Passiria San Lorenzo Di Sebato San Michele All'adige San Nicol= D'ultimo Santa Giuliana Sanzeno Sarche Sarentino Sarnthein Sasso Saviore Schabs Schlanders Sciaves Scis Selva Dei Molini Sennes Sexten Silandro Siusi Sondalo Sonico Soprabolzano Spor Spormaggiore Sporminore Stanga Stenico Sterzing Taio Taisten TarmFno Tassullo Taufers Tem Tenno Terento Terlago Terlan Terlano Termeno Tesimo Tione Tione Di Trento Tirano Tires Tiso Toblach Tola Tramfn Trent Trento Tres Tubre Tuenno Turchi Unterinn Vadena Vahrn Valdaora Valdurna Valfurva Valles Vandoies Di Sopra Varna Varone Vattaro Vela Velturno Verv= Vico Vigo Vigo Lomaso Vigo Rendena Vigolo Vattaro Villa Di Tirano Villa Lagarina Villa Ottone Villabassa Villazzano Vilpiano Vione Vipiteno Vols Welsberg Welschnofen Zambana Zola

Latitude: 46.4253731343283 Longitude: 11.1908955223881